Pool Excavation: Things to Keep in Mind

Pool Excavation: Things to Keep in Mind

Excavation is the first “big” step in the pool building process, which certainly makes it a very exciting time for home owners! Like other processes, pool excavation takes some prep and planning, but once it begins it is a time of change for the backyard. As exciting as this process is, there are a few items to keep in mind during pool excavation that you may have not expected.

Gas and Water Lines

Before any digging starts, the excavation company should check with your utility companies to see where gas, water, or electric lines (if any) are located in the dig site. At the very least, the company should advise the homeowner to the best of their knowledge of any possible lines being cut. If a line is accidentally cut, don’t panic! This is an easy fix for the utility companies, although it may be a slight inconvenience to the homeowner.

Hitting Rock or Water

Another possibility during digging is having rock to cut through instead of regular soil. Generally, there is a way for excavation companies to do a preliminary test on the soil, but sometimes rock can sneak in. If rock is a possibility, the excavation company will let the homeowner know. The most common process when hitting rock is simply to hammer through it. This won’t cause damage to the yard, but most excavation companies charge a fee for hitting rock. Good excavation companies should warn the homeowner of the possibility of hitting rock, and that there may be a fee if they do.

Even less likely than hitting rock is hitting ground water. This process is certainly less costly than hitting rock, but it is always a slight possibility. If ground water is found when digging, a dewatering system is put in place to keep the dig dry during the installation process. Dewatering systems are usually not costly. Here in Texas, hitting water is not common, but it is possible.


After the pool is dug, there will be large piles of dirt in your backyard. This debris is simply hauled off to an appropriate dumping site, so all you have left in your backyard is the hole where the pool will be. Most excavation companies will haul off the dirt, so the homeowner won’t have to worry about dealing with that. It is important to keep this in mind when wondering what to expect during pool excavation, as the appearance of your yard will go through multiple changes.

Expect some yard damage

One last thing that homeowners sometimes overlook is the fact that the yard will incur some damage. This doesn’t mean that the excavation company will be trashing the yard. It only means that when a large hole is dug in a backyard, with the expectation of many other pool construction crews to be on site, most grass will be damaged or gone, especially around the pool. This should not be a big concern for a couple of reasons. First of all, excavation is only the beginning stage of the pool installation. The yard will go through several more stages before it is back to looking somewhat normal. Secondly, once everything is finished, there will be a beautiful new pool in the backyard!

When taking on a project as big as a pool installation, it is common to have some concerns. The best way to ease those concerns is to ask questions along the way, and, hopefully, by reading blogs like this. However, when you have chosen the right excavation company, there should be no doubt that they will be able to take good care of your project and yard!